Main Research Topics


IIR – Vicepresidency of the commision A1 (Dr.A.Srnka) of the International Institute of Refrigeration
EVITHERM – Virtual Institute for Thermal Metrology

Facilities and tools

  • Refrigerator-He Liquiefier, He recovery system, LHe Dewars
  • Ultra-high vacuum equipment, UHV joints and sealing,  leak tester
  • Cryopump, turbomolecular pumps, diaphragm pump, oil pumps
  • Quadrupole mass spectrometer QMS 200
  • Experimental bucket cryostats of diameters from 150 to 400 mm
  • Temperature monitors and controllers LakeShore 218, 332, 340, 350 and 372 with 16 ch. scanner
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Precise pressure controller for helium bath cryostats
  • Magnetometer MetroLab PT2025,  from 0.7 T  to 13.7 T
  • Precise resistance decade 1˝´/4 – 1.2 M˝´/4 M630 (programmable)



Measurement of low temperature radiative properties of materials
Measurement of heat conductivity at low temperatures (materials, contacts,…)
Superconducting magnets, magnetic field calibration, homogeneity mapping and time stability measurement
Support of cryogenic design, calculations using software Kryom 3.3,  Cryocomp,  Gaspack,  Hepack, etc.
Consulting, education
Cryostats maintenance
Storage vessels for liquid nitrogen / fomed polystyrene